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Your children want to go abroad to study? buy a diploma first

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Your children want to go abroad to study? buy a diploma first. American expert from The university, The university Solution (The College Solution), author of sons and daughters all once studied abroad Lynn Mr Shaughnessy (Lynn O 'Shaughnessy) said: "I think a lot of study abroad programs are fairly easy to implement, you cannot help feeling that studying abroad is really very good learning experience? You really need to understand The nature of The study abroad programs.", and web site is a great place to start.
Know whether offer credit transfer. If your child is not taking degree abroad, study abroad but only a semester or a year, to ensure that the degree of related classes included in the local university. Oberhausen said: "make sure you can get of these credits, to ensure that don't need to learn again."
Understanding of studying abroad may cost more. If you pass the local university to study abroad, you may need to pay tuition and other fees, as well as the additional cost of study abroad programs. And then the cost of living. Mr Shaughnessy said: "people want to consider the high cost of living in other countries. My daughter to university in Barcelona, where the exchange rate for the us is not popular, so everything is very expensive."
But may also cost less. Oberon said: "the phenomenon is that we see in the United States, more and more college students, both undergraduate and graduate students, to assiduously study degree abroad. They mainly go to Europe. One reason is that most of Europe's tuition [are lower than those of the United States], and many study abroad programs are taught in English. You go to study in Germany, where it doesn't have to be fluent in German is allowed to enter the university to study."  Your children want to go abroad to study? buy a diploma first.