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British Queen's University Belfast (Queen's University Belfast) was founded in 1845, is one of the most long 10 universities, has been attracting the attention of students.This paper is a successful enrolled students of queen's university Belfast close above the feeling of the bei method, hope to be able to add the understanding of the bayesian method.
To queen's university Belfast has little for half a year, about the feeling of the bayesian method, Lin Lin always, do not know where to start, the New Year, from just to settle down after nervous learning life slowly, a lot of feeling, is the heart rather than the language to express clearly, in other words, only in such an environment, can we truly realize the so-called "feeling".
Remember just to queen's university in Belfast began to rain that day: and not domestic in the sense of rain, rain, not so much as in the "moisture".The ground is always ChaoHuHu, air is very good.Local people are very kind, from the airport to the taxi services are in place, to the dormitory to get a taxi from the airport is very convenient;Dormitory is also very good, good environment, building and each has its own characteristics.Because is the orientation week, when I arrived the dorm have a lot of senior senior, they are willing to help, the dormitory is a standard suite + public kitchen, in the form of the convenient communication between students and the maximum extent to protect the privacy, I think this is the best form of accommodation.
Next about supporting facilities, here the biggest feeling is the facility is complete, is not to say that like to build a domestic university stadium, the stadium may be less than half the size of some domestic university gymnasium, but ground equipment is perfect and is open to all, but you need to advance booking with school one cartoon, in addition to some very special sports, the stadium can completely meet the requirements.About the library, the library here is really big, from extensive to return the books borrowed automation system, from the discussion room to the electronic reading room, can completely and domestic municipal library, even better.On the cross, can say "I've never seen so many books in my life", and will not have similar three!The flow!Miscellaneous!Ambition!Charger!The number!This kind of situation, from paper to academic journals and books, and even laptop computers, can be checked out, don't have to save the library, don't take what card, as long as the school's multi-purpose card is ok.