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Studying in United States: first to learn TOEFL or SAT

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Studying in United States: first to learn TOEFL or SAT. Toefl and SAT is apply for the undergraduate course need to attend two important exam, the students' English ability has certain requirements, so for most of the students, should first learn toefl? Or should learn the SAT? Here are detailed with you answer this question.
Let's analysis of toefl and SAT under which is more important to apply for the undergraduate course? The answer is undoubtedly the toefl. Toefl scores is necessary to apply for American university undergraduate course, want to go to America to go to college, you must have toefl scores; In contrast, the top 100 colleges and universities in the United States, only about half of the school has rigid requirements on SAT scores, and most of these colleges and universities to require toefl scores above 90 points or 100 points. So I want to go to the United States read graduate, toefl scores relative to the SAT scores is the primary factor.
Some parents or students may say that our goal is the top 50, must learn SAT, that should learn how to arrange the SAT and toefl sequence? It is thought that because the toefl is belong to the language proficiency test, the required vocabulary is 6000-8000 words, less than SAT, examination difficulty is lower than the SAT, so to fix the SAT, toefl to learn will be very simple, don't even need to prepare to go to a "naked". Under the condition of the SAT score high, toefl score high possibility is very large.
Hold this view, is actually not the distinction between the SAT and toefl examination. The SAT and toefl requires students have a strong ability of reading and writing ability, but SAT listening and speaking, so finish the SAT, doesn't mean you can get the toefl oral hearing, and in the toefl exam, listening ability test throughout the various ability examination, only on reading and writing ability is hard to get higher scores. Next, basis for the general students, directly from difficult SAT up, without the basis of the toefl vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing ability, will be very painful. Studying in United States: first to learn TOEFL or SAT