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Accredoted universities with fake degrees

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Accredoted universities with fake degrees. buy a degree, buy a diploma, Diploma mill's name is not good, but this is precisely the people disdain for such a university, the fortress besieged China hung-chien to that Clayton university is completely a meaning, is a kind of relying on the wind of the public blind worship of foreign university, in a variety of dazzling titles given this university looks very beautiful halo, the marketing is a naked cheating.However, as the information is more and more transparent, the university is bound to be punished by the law and the public.
Pheasant university usually have several starring the same characteristics.1. Only promise hundreds of yuan can be obtained in 7 days degree;2. No course or campus;3. Don't have a class, pretend that according to the student life experience directly award degrees;4. Through spam propaganda, claimed that only pay the money immediately degree certificate;5. Small advertising through newspapers and magazines such as corner;6. Ultra-low threshold (without any admission requirements, etc.); buy degree certificate. accredoted universities with fake degrees.