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Where to buy australian drivers licence

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Where to buy australian drivers licence. If you are a student, and have a driver's license in China, can add translation legal by Chinese driver's license to drive a car until the expiry of the visa. 

If you have more than 3 years are immigrants (PR) of the Chinese driver's license, can add translation legal to drive by the Chinese driver's license for 3 months, and during this time to participate in the driver's test system in Australia, then take an examination of the beginner's license test (L), may directly apply for "dangerous cognitive ability test", by applying the road test, qualified directly to official license (FULL LICENCE).
Australia Driver License
If you are a beginner, the first thing to enter oneself for an examination the beginner's license TEST (LEARNER PERMIT TEST), qualified after get L sign (LEARNER PERMIT), with practice, L can look for instructors, can also be under the supervision of the people with formal license to practice driving (typically require at least 180 hours of driving experience); After 3 months to allow to enter oneself for an examination the risk cognition TEST (HAZARD PERCEPTION TEST), after can go to road TEST; After the road test qualified to P card (PROBATIONARY LICENCE), the P brand can independent vehicle; 3 years F card (FULL LICENCE).
About P card, send red P under the age of 25, 1 limit load; To green over the age of 25 P, unlimited load. -- is this not sure, just the 08 red P branch see notice. Where to buy australian drivers licence.