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How to make fake graduation result

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How to make fake graduation result. how to make fake degree certificate. Holding a fake English four levels of transcripts, dare to look for a job with? Will the things?
A lot of units are required English cet 4, our school is a normal school, graduation certificate and degree certificate does not need to through the four levels of tests, so I just do a fake transcript level 4, don't know how to use, say, be true to our mechanical professional English is very few, now just don't know this transcript out not good, first declare and real single identical, and is the same as the online query, tianya netizens comments please, any people used? Will be identified by unit of choose and employ persons! True some depressed!
Yes, I was also is such! Ha ha, at that time into state-owned enterprises is a sino-japanese joint venture, but also turn registered permanent residence of what, also must be level 4 certificate, I am very uneasy, later found no one check this!! how to make fake diploma and transcript. How to make fake graduation result.