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Hong Kong Book Fair: a Trolltech culture Hong Kong university diploma

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Hong Kong Book Fair: a Trolltech culture Hong Kong university diploma. From the Hong Kong Book Fair back, finishing the photos suddenly found that since 2010 I began to go to the Hong Kong Book Fair every year, leaving every time the venue photos, contrast is really beautiful. Last year because of the conflict with the North American travel plan, only spent a day in the book fair, purely to this tour, deep regret. This year will be a special trip to the family plan ahead, travel from Xinjiang will come back to Hong Kong, in the exhibition center for three days. Over the years, the Hong Kong Book Fair and Guangzhou's Southern Book Festival has become my summer two major activities.
As early as June 28 to participate in the Hong Kong Trade Development Council in Guangzhou Book Fair Roadshow, that this year's theme is "travel", a little surprised, but also immediately relieved that this is the Hong Kong Book Fair, try to stand Hot spots, to their own point of view of the world, whether it is last year's "martial arts" or this year's "travel", are literature and books in the long proposition, has nothing to do with the hot, has nothing to do with politics.
July 22, Saturday, early departure from Guangzhou, noon to Hong Kong will go straight to the exhibition center. buy Hong kong university degree certificate, At the same time there are three lectures, only three choose one, I chose the new Hao Jingfang. This is the most tangled thing every time I come to the book fair, gotta some lectures and some people, missed some other lectures and others, every choice is difficult, missed all the pity. Such a dense and high-quality lectures, a major feature of the Hong Kong Book Fair, is also a big lethal attraction.  buy Hong kong university transcript. This year's book exhibition invited many readers familiar with the mainland readers, Zhou Mason, Han Shao Gong, Feng Tang, Zhu Tianxin, Liang Wendao, the road ... ... plus the exhibition site and some related activities, a total of 320 cultural activities, the number is very alarming. Some readers in order to make up for the conflict in time will run around, listen to each paragraph, are not complete, but finally can see all the big coffee on the side. Hao Jingfang is a typical science and technology Pa women, with a slightly cold posture on the stage, from their own award-winning works "Beijing Folding" as the entrance to talk about the future of mankind, the gap between rich and poor and other issues, and the audience maintained a strong sense of distance , Peer female writers do not like her feeling, I kindly think, maybe she just use the sense of distance to cover their own cautious and nervous it.
Saturday's lectures are always the most essence, followed by Dunnuo, wrote the "story of reading", "the story of the text," the Donuo, Zhu Tianxin's husband Duno, seen Zhu Tianxin "early summer lotus period Love ", Dono in my mind is a famous female writer behind the mysterious scholar good husband, and the stage of his Hemingway beard, the gap is great. He is the subject of "literary writing as a profession", in his mouth, writing is really not a good job. He said that the freedom of literature is usually stolen, deceived, usually just an abandoned freedom, is the reality of the precarious state, is to use a certain stability and security in exchange for; he said that literature is your life In a devil, this God will not be kind words, more often even vicious, do not choose, to clear. Contrasting his wife Zhu Tianxin in the same conference room just ended with Liang Wendao's talk "rubble moment - the current situation of literature", the literature described as "even the carved beams do not exist in a piece of rubble," imagine the two so Obsessed with literature and so do not optimistic about the status quo of literary writers husband and wife family daily, really is full of curiosity. Hong Kong Book Fair: a Trolltech culture Hong Kong university diploma.