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What major is popular studying in New Zealand in the future

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What major is popular studying in New Zealand in the future . buy a diploma New Zealand.  buy fake diplomas. New Zealand as a commonwealth countries should be a very good study abroad destination country, the applicant without ielts application to the university of New Zealand, the pure English education system, low cost, good environment, is one of the three largest immigration country. At the same time, the New Zealand universities can provide a very popular professional for the applicant. Among them, aged care, car repairs, carpentry, etc is very popular in the local, mechanic engineering industry gap is very big, high employment treatment, immigration, very suitable for Chinese high school students to apply for.
New Zealand to study abroad in the future popular profession:
Travel services: according to the New Zealand tourism association estimates that as the global tourism industry is growing at 6% a year, the New Zealand tourism services staff demand will reach 1178000 people.
IT industry: the industry over the past five years, technical staff increased by 15%, become a hot industry second to the travel service industry. According to the forecast, repair and maintenance of computer, telecom New Zealand technical personnel's demand will increase at a rate of about 15% a year.
Industry: from the past five years, the shipbuilding industry in New Zealand employment grew by 20%. According to forecasts, the shipbuilding industry employment will double, to 12000.
Health care: with the continuous extension of life expectancy, over the past five years, the requirement of market professionals for the care of the elderly and patients increased by 14%. In addition, related services, such as family home gardeners, cooks and other work involved in the elderly will need a lot of professionals.
Forestry: according to the association of New Zealand trees predicted that if the next 15 years government for additional investment in forestry again, to 2025, forestry employment will increase from the current 21000 to 6000.
Motion picture: from 1999 to 1999, the film and television products of New Zealand investment grew by 45%, to 307 million Singapore dollars. According to this forecast, momentum in the future, the motion picture practitioners will double.
Biological engineering: although the current biological engineering in New Zealand is small, but the biological and biomedical technology will lead the direction of the future of science and technology in New Zealand, so the industry scene. New Zealand to study abroad what major is popular in the future.