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Buy a diploma, The double admitted several key problems need to know

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Buy a diploma, The double admitted several key problems need to know. fake certificate maker, fake transcript, high school diploma, diploma template, fake degree, fake diploma. fake certificates. diploma mill. Choose double admitted what good?
(1) save time cost
If it is just graduated students have no time to take an examination of the toefl or IELTS, at home to review, prepare, to test also need at least three months, so you missed the application deadline, so he went to study in the United States time to delay for more than six months, and admitted through double project, can go to read a language course in the United States, in general cases, half a year's time enough to through the language course.
(2) in order to adapt to the input for the learning of life in the United States
Many people think that there is a good TOEFL, GRE and GMAT scores, English will be no problem, but these, after all, is only a test, study and life in the United States, is the requirement that you real language ability, not test scores, only to adapt to the local way of communication, and learn the method of study, of American university can better finished your studies in the United States.
The double rate is very low admission visa?
School is sent to students "language" and "professional courses" double admitted, this is different from just a single school language admission, if the student is simply take language courses in a university admission, then visa is there will be difficult, because the admission type does not ensure that students can guarantee after pass English on a university course, visa officer will think that students will also be very unsafe and unstable factors. "And" double admitted is a good coherence study plan, the visa success rate is high.
Schools also have a dual admission?
Before you always have an impression that this is not the school must have a good school, good school must have a language achievement. The situation has changed. There are many famous American universities have introduced language + course projects. Reason is that there are a lot of excellent students have no time to take an examination of the toefl or ielts, as a result, many famous universities in order to be able to recruit students, have introduced the language + professional course of study. fake high school diploma, fake school, fake college degree, fake college diploma, college diploma, fake university, phony diploma.