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Bechelor degree of Nursing professional in Canada, Australia, Europe, America

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Bechelor degree of Nursing professional in Canada, Australia, Europe, America. Nurses in Europe, America, Australia and other places are scarce, the nursing professional salaries in foreign countries is about ten times in China, for students want to study abroad after leave abroad, nursing is a very good choice, and ielts requirement is not high.As the diversification of financing and market operation, the demand for financial talents will remain stable, the ielts) usually in six of the major points.The game industry growing, the popularity of the Internet, makes the demand of the application software programming and other high-tech personnel "continued warming," the development of Chinese game industry need to be able to develop more independent "game" brand high-quality software programmers.But with the development of Chinese tourism industry, the popularization and internationalization of tourism industry, puts forward greater demand on tourism management talents and a higher standard.These two types of ielts relatively loose.Canadian popular major professional ranking from Canada, there are mainly care, finance, game development, tourism management, etc., different demands on ielts score.
First of all, the Canadian study abroad professional choice, want to combine their interests and expertise.Because Canada is more popular major, so many things on the professional choice, the key is to students according to their own interest combined with its own special features to choose, in the process of learning, it should be clear, are interested in learning motivation.Canada study abroad professional choice, should be combined with their own professional special skills and interests, this would be most interested in the process of learning to explore research, also will feel more relaxed, more advantageous to the study.
Second, the engineering, design, such as the arts students study abroad in Canada choice is more important.For application engineering, design and other art students, study in Canada to choose schools and then determine the major is not desirable, because Canada teaching model different from the domestic, the universities teaching level equilibrium, and they all have their own teaching characteristic.Even the school's overall strength is not strong, does not necessarily did not have a good professional.Therefore, students should be selected first Canadian popular major, then consider have advantages in the field of related professional education colleges and universities, Canada since such popular major application will have more advantages, improve the success rate and efficiency. college degree. Bechelor degree of Nursing professional in Canada, Australia, Europe, America.