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How to make degree red seals

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How to make degree red seals. silver seal, degree golden seal. Seal machine has two kinds of manual and electric. Manual seal machine, the intensity of labor is big, low efficiency, make the operator heavy; Steel seal of electric machine is mainly composed of motor, deceleration machine, the CAM mechanism, a big volume, work with large noise, laborious operation, power consumption is large, and often boring. Automatic magnetic steel machine, completely solve the above problems, the update products are electric steel seal machine, is the most advanced product seal machine field. Power comes from the electromagnet electromagnetic seal machine, its working principle is: the magnetic field generated by the magnetic excitation coil after electrify, suction are generated from the magnetizer, make the armature, absorption and drive the traction rod and the steel seal do reciprocating motion, and achieve the goal of stamping.
Steel seal materials mainly include metal and plastic. As steel, brass and plastic, etc., only brass this kind of material in use at present.
Seal is the national government authorities such as special use, used to identify documents, authenticity of the documents and files the seal. As graduation card, employee's card, marriage certificate, the notarial deed and so on all need to cover seal. How to make degree red seals. How to make degree red seals.