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Where can I buy a HBX(harvard business school) diploma in America

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HBX(harvard business school) diploma, harvard business schoo certificate
Where can I buy a HBX(harvard business school) diploma in America, How to buy a HBX diploma from harvard business school? where to buy HBX certificate. The American education community has such a saying: Harvard University can be regarded as a crown in all universities in the United States, and the crown on the eye-catching Pearl, is the Harvard Business School. The Harvard Business School (HBS), founded in 1908, is the most prestigious institution in the United States to cultivate business talent. buy a HBS degree, buy a HBS diploma. It is called "the factory" by the Americans as the businessman, the manager and the general manager, many large entrepreneurs in the United States and Politicians have studied here. One of the top 500 managers in the United States graduated from the college. Harvard Master of Business Administration (MBA) has become a symbol of power and money, has become a lot of American youth dream degree.
In China, "Harvard Business School" seems to be a myth, a superstition. Said Harvard, talk about the MBA seems to become a fashionable and fashionable. And the real people of insight have long been in an impetuous fashion color began to touch and learn Harvard MBA the most essential things. Harvard Business School is now the largest, richest, most prestigious and most authoritative management school in the United States. Harvard Business School's fund is worth $ 250 million, more than the sum of all other management schools in the United States.
HBS system for two years, the first school year to study a unified compulsory course, the second school year into the professional courses, nearly 90 years to be so. HBS's curriculum has become a reference model for almost all university business school masters courses, and its school discipline is imitated by other schools. However, the Harvard Business School teaching program there is a strange imbalance. The first year of the course was overwhelmed by the tension, the second year but some idle things relaxed. Where can I buy a HBX(harvard business school) diploma in America.